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Mission Statement

Our mission at United Elite Basketball Club is to develop and enhance each player's basketball skills, fostering confidence, and imparting essential life skills such as respect, responsibility, leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork.


To achieve this mission, United Elite Basketball is committed to creating a competitive environment for youth, enabling all boys and girls to participate in basketball according to their skill levels. Moreover, our goal is to provide an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for children of all backgrounds, addressing social barriers that hinder their goals.


In our inaugural year, we aim to establish enduring relationships with other clubs in Ontario and renew our partnership with the Ontario Basketball Association, building on our previous association as the Caswell Cyrus Basketball Association. Over the first five years, our club aspires to grow steadily, with all coaches becoming NCCP certified if not already at our expense, hosting OBA tournaments, and implementing a house league and rep team program.


United Elite Basketball Club, currently affiliated with the Jr NBA program, plans to expand through this initiative, potentially adding rep teams for ages 11-13. We welcome boys and girls aged 4-13 and operate in partnership with the Peel District School Board, utilizing North Park Secondary School (September-June) and Bartholomew’s United Church (June- August).


As a registered vendor with the Peel District School Board, our H.O.P.E (Hindering Offensive Perspectives and Emotions) and Hoops program in which we attend schools across the Peel region speaking to students addressing inclusion, social issues like bullying, rejection, depression, identity, violence, and oppression. Targeting neighbourhoods with a higher ratio of younger children and lower-income areas, we aim to provide free sessions throughout the season.


Our distinctive approach lies in having highly qualified coaches, including pro athletes, Olympians, and motivational speakers. With a 4:1 player-to-coach ratio, we focus on grassroots-level training, ensuring each child, regardless of limitations, has a fulfilling basketball experience.


United Elite Basketball Club prides itself on being one of the first clubs to offer free year-round basketball sessions in the Peel region. In response to the growing demand for basketball programs in the fast-growing Region of Peel, we aim to cater to parents seeking a welcoming, inclusive, and sports-focused environment.


Our development philosophy emphasizes fundamental basketball skills in a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment. Starting with JR NBA programs and house leagues, players progress into rep programs based on their skill set. We adhere to fair play and ethical sports practices to ensure a balanced, enjoyable, and team-oriented experience.


United Elite Basketball Club incorporates Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles into our programs, focusing on development, fair play, inclusiveness, and overall improvement in the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. Our coaches are well-versed in LTAD, and we strive to educate both coaches and parents about Canadian Sport for Life and LTAD in our initial meetings, providing resources to stay updated with the developmental framework.


Club Executives:
President, Kevin Layne
Vice president, Moghid Saad
Treasurer and secretary Kerri-Ann Mitchell

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